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Henced is a customer communications platform that provides businesses with communication solutions. We’ll help you build long-last customer relationships by effectively communicating using our text and email messaging system.


Henced Business Tools

We provide tools that will help transform the way you communicate. Henced will help streamline your business making communication seamless. Discover the possibilities with Henced.

  • Calendar & Appointment Scheduling

  • Direct Communication with Key-Players

  • Easy Customization

  • Seamless Integration

  • Generate Customer Reports

  • Employee Support & Training

  • Security Tools

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Building Customer Relationships

Building great relationships is essential to the success of your business and effective communication is the cornerstone to achieve it. Henced will help you stay engaged with your customers by connecting faster and more efficiently. Our services will provide your business with a cost effective solution that customers will love.

Texting & Email Marketing

By using texting and email marketing services, promote to your customers efficiently.


Automated reminders will assist your business and improve customer convenience.


Promptly broadcast a message to a targeted group of customers or employees.

Billing Alerts

Notify customers when a balance is due to ensure bills are paid in a timely fashion.

Two Way Communication

Communicate efficiently with customers in a direct and responsive manner.

Enhanced Security

Ensure that your customers will not be spammed or sent unsolicited marketing.

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“Hented made it easy to integrate communications into the workflow of our field service technicians.”

Carl KennedyAssociate Director, IT